• Increased predictive accuracy.
  • Accelerated business insight.
  • More efficient data science.

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Software solutions for predictive analytics

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Zementis & Software AG

“The addition of predictive analytics enhances the capabilities of our Digital Business Platform and enables enterprises to identify and act on future risks and opportunities in terms of revenue, resources, output and more.”
Zementis ADAPA provides predictive analytics power for Software AG’s Apama platform for streaming analytics.

Zementis for Sensor Data

Optimize efficiency, reduce downtime, enable intelligent networks

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Zementis for Financial Services

Customer insight, trading advantage, fraud detection, risk mitigation

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Zementis for Marketing Optimization

Holistic and actionable customer insight across all channels

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Dr. Stuart C. Wells
Executive Vice President, Chief Product and Technology Officer

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Rapidly integrate predictive models into business operations

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Enables agile deployment of predictive solutions

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How It Works

Allows predictive models to rapidly move from development to deployment

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Key Benefits

Enable business users to make decisions based on timely and accurate insights from big data

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Stay up to date on news about Zementis, its partners and the PMML community

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Knowledge Base

Read the latest research about predictive analytics solutions from Zementis and its partners

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Zementis partners with a handful of world-class companies that specialize in enterprise-grade information technology solutions and strategies that maximize the power of predictive analytics for business.

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