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Webinar: Business Advantage through In-line Predictive Analytics


Customer Analytics and Risk Management with Zementis for IBM z Systems


Enterprises in different industries have many differences, to be sure, but they do have several things in common.

  • They all have customers.
  • They all need to manage business risk.
  • They all have big data that holds potentially valuable insights.

Most larger enterprises (and many smaller ones, too) also have one more thing in common:

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IBM Z Server Astor PL (Augusto F Menezes/Feature Photo Service for IBM)

They manage their key business processes for Customer Analytics and Risk Management on a mainframe computing system.

As the world’s leading provider of mainframe computers and an industry thought-leader in advanced analytics, IBM has focused its attention on the opportunity to improve and accelerate business insight from big data by embedding predictive analytics directly within core business processes, right on the mainframe that manages these processes.

IBM has teamed up with Zementis, whose proprietary technologies dramatically reduce time-to-insight for critical business decisions, to integrate Zementis’ predictive analytics software directly into IBM’s zEnterprise computing environment.

This joint solution, Zementis for IBM z Systems, allows organizations to:

  • Increase business agility, via accurate insights delivered at the right time and point of impact
  • Improve data governance and security, via integrated software, hardware and business processes
  • Reduce infrastructure cost and complexity, via streamlined architecture and business processes

We invite you to watch informative webinar to learn more about the integrated solution and how it can drive new levels of insight and competitive advantage for your business.


Key questions that the webinar will address

  1. What are the advantages of integrating predictive analytics directly with the business processes that they support?
  2. How does this “in-line predictive analytics” on a mainframe computing system enable sharply reduced time-to-insight for critical business decisions as a scalable operational capability?
  3. How can Zementis for IBM z Systems help organizations drive faster, more accurate predictive insights within the context of Customer Analytics and Risk Management?
  4. Which industry use cases for this capability are particularly relevant?


Who should attend?

  • Business leaders and other key decision-makers in industries that rely on Customer Analytics and Risk Management (Marketing, Sales, Customer Success & Experience, Audit & Compliance, Fraud & Risk Mitigation, Information Security)
  • Analytics leadership (e.g. Chief Data Officer, Chief Data Scientist, Chief Data Architect, VP of Analytics, Director of Analytics)
  • Data science practitioners



Dr. Michael Zeller
CEO and Co-Founder

Paul DiMarzio
Worldwide Portfolio Marketing Manager
IBM z Systems Big Data and Analytics


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