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KloudData Announces Technology Partnership with Zementis to Offer Big Data Analytics Applications

The strategic partnership focuses on enabling standards-based predictive analytics

KlouddataFremont, USA, September 19th, 2016 – KloudData Inc., a leading software solutions provider with deep expertise in Analytics, Enterprise backend systems, Mobility, and Cloud Technologies, and Zementis, Inc., a pioneer in software products based on the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) industry standard, announced their technology partnership today.

Predictive Analytics offers a unique opportunity to identify future trends and allows organizations to act upon them. Data is the “collective experience of an organization” and building predictive analytics that can harness such data to find patterns and correlations is invaluable. These advanced analytics applications are especially impactful in healthcare, high tech manufacturing, and public sector verticals that have to deal with very large data sets and complex decisions. A big challenge, however, is the divide between predictive model building (by data scientists) and predictive model deployment (by IT programmers). The gap between build and deploy tends to become impractically long because of the translation from one paradigm to another at every iteration of a predictive model that can become debilitating for organizations.

The collaboration between KloudData and Zementis aims at bridging the divide between predictive models build and deploy by employing solutions based on the PMML industry standard. This allows customers to reduce complexity, accelerate time-to-insight and quickly realize the true potential of Big Data and Predictive Analytics.

Joydeep Das, COO, KloudData, Inc. said, “Advanced analytics applications help companies proactively plan and prepare for business outcomes thereby giving them a competitive edge and higher economic returns. However, KloudData recognizes the practical challenges in building and deploying such complex applications and is partnering with Zementis to address these challenges using PMML standards based solutions like ADAPA and UPPI.”

Dr. Michael Zeller, CEO, Zementis, Inc. said, “Machine learning and predictive analytics are emerging as the key differentiator for data-driven organizations. By leveraging our pioneering work with open standards like PMML that is at the heart of our products, KloudData can offer robust predictive analytics applications in healthcare, asset traceability, and other custom applications to its customers. With this partnership, we plan to improve the efficiency of developing and deploying mission critical predictive analytics applications at scale.”

KloudData, in partnership with Zementis, has taken a step forward in unleashing the true potential of Predictive Analytics with a PMML standards based approach towards large scale predictive analytics applications. KloudData’s predictive analytics applications are targeted at high value problems such as healthcare provider (hospital) operational efficiencies, population health management, and asset traceability and utilization in verticals such as, healthcare, high tech manufacturing, and public sector.


About KloudData

KloudData is a leading global software solutions and services provider with comprehensive, cutting-edge capabilities in bringing together Enterprise, Analytics, Mobility, and Cloud technologies to offer high value business solutions. Our primary focus is to forge a trusted partnership with our clients. KloudData’s high value solutions and services help reduce costs, complexities and risks while improving operational efficiency and accelerating business growth through improved decision making at all levels.

We are globally present at Fremont, CA (USA – headquarters), Columbia, MD (USA), Bangkok (Thailand), Nagpur (India), Pune (India), and Mumbai (India) to provide round-the-clock solutions and support to all our clients.

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About Zementis, Inc.

The company was founded on the principle that data science teams and IT departments can collaborate seamlessly and efficiently, allowing predictive models to rapidly move from development to deployment, so that businesses and other data-centric organizations can easily incorporate predictive analytics and machine learning into their routine operations. Agile deployment of predictive solutions is the cornerstone of the Zementis philosophy.

Core solutions include ADAPA®, a decision engine for predictive analytics, and UPPI™, a universal plug-in utility for industry-leading analytics and data warehouse platforms. Zementis customers can deploy these solutions on premise or on the cloud, with access via an intuitive Web-based console, via one of multiple industry-leading analytics platforms or as a simplified Hadoop interface.

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