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Amazon Marketplace

ADAPA AWS sign up and launch

This video shows where to find the Zementis ADAPA predictive analytics decision engine in the AWS Marketplace and how and how to launch an ADAPA instance.

Datameer System Dashboard

UPPI for Datameer

This video demonstrates how easy it is to install and score data with the Universal PMML Plug-in for Datameer. It showcases a true end-to-end solution which combines the flexibility of the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) industry standard with massively parallel processing in Hadoop. The visual user experience of Datameer dramatically reduces the complexity and enables any analyst to apply advanced predictive analtyics in the context of big data.

Adapa Console

ADAPA Console

Learn how to use the management console of the ADAPA predictive analytics decision engine to upload PMML models and score data from CSV.

Adapa Console with S3

ADAPA Console with S3

Learn how to score data in the ADAPA predictive analytics engine with Amazon S3 buckets.

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