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Predict! Issue #36

It is my pleasure to announce an exciting joint webinar with Hortonworks entitled “Hadoop’s Advantages for Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics” on September 10th.In addition, Zementis is delighted that ADAPA, our real-time predictive analytics engine, is now certified for the SAP HANA platform. Our partnership with SAP allows for predictive models generated in any tool, including SAP InfiniteInsight and SAP Predictive Analysis software, to be deployed and executed in ADAPA for SAP HANA through PMML, the Predictive Model Markup Language.

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Michael Zeller

CEO, Zementis Inc.

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Webinar: Hadoop’s Advantages for Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

Join Ofer Medelvitch, Director of Data Science of Hortonworks and Michael Zeller, Founder and CEO of Zementis as they present key learnings as to what drives successful implementations of Big Data analytics projects.


Wednesday, September 10 at 10 am PST, 1 pm EST


Hortonworks will present their approach to using Apache Hadoop for predictive models with Big Data, and the benefits of Hadoop to data scientists. Zementis will demonstrate how to quickly deploy, execute, and optimize predictive models from open source machine learning tools like R and Python as well as commercial data mining vendors like IBM, SAP and SAS.


Whether your company is just beginning to work with predictive analytics or has an experienced data science team this webinar will provide valuable insights on how to move predictive models into an operational environment based on Hadoop and Hive and using open industry standards while eliminating the custom coding and delays typically associated with these projects. Please join us for this exciting presentation and discussion.


The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified that Zementis ADAPA is
powered by SAP HANA. SAP HANA is revolutionizing the speed of data processing for reporting, analytics and computational tasks. Solutions that SAP has certified for the SAP HANA platform have been proven to operate effectively on the SAP HANA platform and to tap into its distinctive capabilities.
ADAPA is a scalable, real-time scoring engine that enables the rapid deployment and integration of predictive algorithms through PMML, the Predictive Model Markup Language standard. Supported across the board by commercial and open-source data mining vendors, PMML allows for a model to be developed in one system, e.g. SAP InfiniteInsight or SAP Predictive Analysis software, and be easily deployed in another without the need for custom coding.
With the SAP certification, ADAPA users can leverage the power of SAP HANA to bring to life a number of predictive solutions that need real-time access to data at rest. ADAPA for SAP HANA helps clients generate precise business insights from large data sets, and infuse these insights into their daily operational processes, real-time decisions and automated actions. Through these solutions, Zementis and SAP are helping organizations achieve efficient data science while generating substantial, tangible business value.

Zementis Website Redesigned

We would like to announce the unveiling of the new Zementis website, which was redesigned from the ground up with you in mind. It is now even easier to understand how Zementis’ predictive analytics solutions can unlock value from big data to accelerate business insights and drive competitive advantage.

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