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Predict! Issue #38

Dear Readers,

As we head into the last two months of 2014, Zementis can look back on a very eventful year that has seen predictive analytics take a front row seat in the industry dialogue around big data analytics. Whether at Strata or Structure, in the pages of leading analyst publications, or behind closed doors in corporate and government offices, the topic has been elevated to first-order priority, even though many organizations still lack mature capabilities to fully enable predictive insights and derive maximal tangible benefit from them.

Use cases for predictive analytics have become essential aspects of the ways that organizations do business, and are increasingly regarded as essential rather than merely “nice to have”. That said, we as an industry are still in the very early days of achieving what is possible, and the possibilities curve seems to be steadily shifting outward as predictive analytics becomes increasingly established in various types of organizations.

In recent weeks, Zementis has done its part to advance the cause of predictive analytics for our customers, partners and the industry overall. We are pleased to report some of our exciting developments in this edition of Predict! We hope that you enjoy this brief update, and we encourage you to get in touch with us if you have questions, comments or ideas.

Best Regards,

Michael Zeller

CEO, Zementis Inc


Microsoft and Zementis Announce ADAPA for Azure

On October 28, Microsoft and Zementis unveiled the culmination of a collaborative effort that had begun many months before. Zementis’ real-time predictive analytics decision engine, ADAPA®, became officially certified on Azure – Microsoft’s dynamic and innovative cloud platform.

Microsoft Azure offers enterprise users a powerful collection of integrated services – compute, storage, data, networking, and applications – and is the only major cloud platform ranked by Gartner as an industry leader for both infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS).


With ADAPA on Azure, organizations can develop predictive models using most open source and commercial data mining tools and deploy machine learning models rapidly to generate predictive insights in real-time. New and existing Zementis customers can now take advantage of the “pay per use” model with Azure to reduce infrastructure costs and total cost of ownership.


Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace makes it easy to find, purchase and launch ADAPA. Configuration is easy, and organizations can be up and running quickly with predictive analytics that leverage the efficiency, scalability, security and performance of Microsoft’s enterprise-grade cloud environment.


“With a focus on rapid deployment and integration of predictive algorithms through open standards, Zementis embraces the cloud,” said Garth Fort, General Manager of Enterprise Partners, Microsoft. “ADAPA allows customers to take advantage of the compute resources in Azure to support predictive analytics solutions and quickly scale capacity as computing requirements change, paying only for the resources used.”

To purchase and deploy ADAPA from the Azure Marketplace today, please visit Microsoft Azure


Learn more about ADAPA for Azure


IBM and Zementis Release White Paper: “Enhancing Predictive Analytics”

Continuing their longstanding partnership, Zementis and IBM recently released a white paper that details how organizations can improve their business agility through predictive analytics. The paper describes some of the key benefits that organizations can derive from applying predictive analytics to key decisions, outlines some of the operational and technical challenges that organizations commonly face in this effort, and showcases the capabilities that IBM and Zementis make possible to unlock the full potential of big data through predictive analytics.


Together, Zementis and IBM help enterprises overcome many challenges associated with their big data efforts, simplifying and accelerating the deployment of predictive models and making possible large-scale analytics that once seemed impractical to execute.

Zementis’ UPPITM solution is integrated with several of IBM’s flagship big data analytics platforms, including IBM PureDataTMSystem for Analytics, powered by Netezza® technology, and IBM InfoSphere® BigInsightsTM software. In each case, the joint IBM/Zementis solution helps companies deploy, execute and integrate scalable, standards-based predictive analytics. UPPI extends the in-database and Hadoop-based predictive analytics capabilities of these IBM platforms through the use of Hive, a data warehouse system for Hadoop.

The white paper describes the benefits of Zementis’ open standards approach to predictive analytics, as well as the technical capabilities of the joint solutions with IBM and the tangible benefits that organizations can realize by making IBM and Zementis a foundational element of their big data analytics strategy and architecture.

Highlights of the joint solution include:

  • Enables near real-time predictive model deployment through a universal, flexible approach
  • Reduces cost and complexity of deploying and utilizing predictive analytics for big data
  • Delivers standards-based execution of predictive analytics for in-database scoring
  • Accelerates time-to-market for enhancing intelligent decision making via predictive data
  • Supports highly dynamic and complex data environments with massively parallel processing
  • Extends the analytics functionality and business value of robust IBM platforms

Download the white paper

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