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Predict! Issue #41

Dear Readers,

Spring is in the air and we are exited to share two recent developments that will bring Zementis to many more places.

Last week, Zementis signed a formal partnership agreement with Cognizant Technology Solutions, a leading global provider of information technology, consulting and business process services. With $10.3 billion in revenue in 2014, up from $4.6 billion in 2010 (that’s a CAGR of 22.3% for those of you who don’t do quick calculations in your head), Cognizant knows a thing or two about rapid growth. The Zementis team has been getting to know Cognizant at a deeper level over the past several months, and we really liked what we saw. I am especially enthusiastic about the value that Cognizant and Zementis can jointly create for Cognizant’s clients in multiple industries, accelerating predictive analytics capabilities and insights across a wide variety of industry-specific use cases. More details are in the corresponding blog section below.

Meanwhile, Zementis has also been busy in Europe and will exhibit at CeBIT as a partner of Software AG which has long been associated with innovative enterprise software solutions focused on big data, systems integration and business process optimization. Next week in Germany, we will be taking the lid off a joint solution ADAPA for Apama® Streaming Analytics at CeBIT. CeBIT takes place every year in Hannover, and with over 200,000 visitors, it is one of the largest IT conventions in the world

ADAPA for Apama combines Zementis’ powerful predictive model deployment and scoring capabilities with Apama’s comprehensive big data analytics platform to create a tightly integrated solution optimized for managing complex, high-volume, massive data sets, whether in real-time or batch mode.

For those of you who will be at CeBIT, please be sure to stop by the Software AG booth. I’ll be there with some of my colleagues and my friends from Software AG, and I’d love to speak with you.

2015 is off to a great start at Zementis, and we’re really only getting started. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the weeks ahead!

Kind Regards,

Michael Zeller


Zementis and Cognizant Partner to Bring Advanced Analytics to Cognizant Clients

On March 10, Cognizant Technology Solutions and Zementis signed a formal partnership agreement, launching a collaborative relationship that will bring advanced analytics solutions that include Zementis technologies to Cognizant’s clients.

cognizant-technology_200x200The collaborative relationship will focus on integrating Zementis’ predictive analytics technologies with the advanced analytics capabilities of Cognizant Analytics, developing business solutions based on advanced analytics for Cognizant clients, and jointly enabling those solutions to deliver client success. The partnership is both a technology alliance and a channel (go-to-market) arrangement, and has global scope. Zementis and Cognizant Analytics will collaborate with each other and with Cognizant’s market-facing business segments to jointly serve Cognizant clients. Initial efforts will focus on two industry verticals: Banking & Financial Services and Life Sciences & Healthcare. Over time, the industry focus will expand to encompass Cognizant’s other industry solution groups: Insurance, Communications, Media & Technology and Products & Resources.

The partnership will encompass Zementis’ entire product portfolio, including its two core solutions, ADAPA® and UPPI, as well as multiple platform-specific variants. Cognizant clients will be able to deploy these solutions on-premise or in the cloud, with access via an intuitive Web-based console, via one of multiple industry-leading analytics platforms or as a simplified Hadoop interface.

For more information, read the Zementis press release and contact us.


Software AG and Zementis Announce Joint Analytics Solution and Exhibit at CeBIT

In support of its mission to help organizations accelerate time-to-insight for predictive analytics and enhance business agility, Zementis is introducing ADAPA® for Software AG’s Apama® Streaming Analytics platform.

logo_sagApama is an analytics platform designed to rapidly process streaming, fast-moving and real-time data sets at massive scale to support intelligent, automated actions and rapid, insightful business decisions. Its functionality comprises event processing, messaging, in-memory data management and visualization. The Apama platform allows businesses to analyze and act on high-volume business operations and customer interactions in real-time. It rapidly correlates, aggregates and detects patterns across large volumes of fast-moving data from multiple sources, so that business decision makers can take the right action at the right time.

ADAPA for Apama® combines Zementis’ powerful predictive model deployment and scoring capabilities with Apama’s comprehensive big data analytics platform to create a tightly integrated solution optimized for managing complex, high-volume, massive data sets, whether in real-time or batch mode. With ADAPA, Apama can ingest predictive models constructed in all leading commercial or open-source data mining tool (e.g. IBM SPSS, KNIME, Python, R, SAS). ADAPA enables data scientists to deploy their predictive models in minutes instead of months. As an integrated component of the Apama platform, ADAPA rapidly ingests data from multiple event feeds, scoring the data and enabling Apama to generate actions, alerts and notifications. Users can utilize different models at different times and share models amongst various Apama applications to support additional forms of analysis and data consumption.

ADAPA for Apama will be generally available in Q2 2015. For more information, please read the Zementis announcement.

Organizations and individuals interested in meeting with Zementis at CeBIT can either visit the Software AG booth (Hall 4, Stand C11) or contact us to schedule an appointment.

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