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Predictive Analytics at Scale: An Introduction to Zementis


Predictive Analytics at Scale: An Introduction to Zementis

Monday, October 19th, 2015 – 10am to 11am PDT


Predictive analytics helps organizations unlock the value of their big data, making business insights more relevant, more accurate, more comprehensive and more nuanced. With these enhanced insights, organizations can make decisions and take actions faster and with far less risk, leading to greater positive business impact.

Yet one fundamental challenge can often erode much of the value that predictive analytics can deliver: inefficient model deployment. Extensive manual coding, cross-checking and fixing coding errors can turn predictive model deployment into a vicious rework cycle that can drag on for months.

Zementis specializes in solving this challenge, helping organizations deploy predictive models in minutes instead of months, and then operationalizing those models within the fabric of business processes so that predictive insights become an integral part of the data picture.

Zementis offers solutions that help organizations in any industry or government sector enable and accelerate intelligent, real-time decision making. Whether the point of action requires a manual or automated decision, Zementis helps analytics-driven organizations enhance insight and agility to drive competitive advantage.

This session will describe the business and technical challenges that Zementis solves, offer an overview of Zementis solutions, describe how they are architected and how they function, and review a series of use cases. A short technical demonstration will also be included to showcase the user experience with the software.

Key questions that the webinar will address

  1. What are the typical challenges that data science teams face in deploying predictive models from a development environment into an operational environment?
  2. What are the business implications of “inefficient data science”?
  3. How do Zementis solutions address predictive analytics deployment and operational challenges?
  4. In what ways do organizations employing Zementis solutions realize greater business agility?
  5. How can business professionals in particular functional roles (e.g. Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Risk Management) benefit from predictive analytics “at scale” by utilizing Zementis solutions?


Who should attend?

IBM sales professionals from the SPSS Predictive Customer Intelligence (PCI) organization



  • Content presentation: 35 minutes
  • Technical demo: 10 minutes:
  • Q&A: 15 minutes



Mark Rabkin
Director of Business Development



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