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  • ADAPA = “Adaptive Decision and Predictive Analytics”
  • Scoring engine (decision engine) for predictive analytics
    • Uses predictive models to score data
    • Delivers precise insights into customer behavior, market dynamics, security risks and sensor information
    • Facilitates informed decision making based on quantitative logic and insights. ADAPA is one of the best predictive analytics software
  • Standards-based platform for deploying predictive analytics throughout the organization
    • Employs the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) standard to import and deploy predictive models
    • Allows data science teams to rapidly transform analytical models into operational tools for business users
    • Allows organizations to rapidly deploy, execute and manage predictive models that enable real-time insights and actions for the business
  • Intuitive tool that simplifies the user experience
    • Offers a simple, intuitive and dynamic user interface in the form of a Web-based console
    • Centralizes predictive analytics activities for users. ADAPA is one of the best predictive analytics software
    • Allows user to score data either by single record or across multiple records (multiple-record processing support enables batch-mode or on-demand)


  • ADAPA in the Cloud
    • Private, virtual ADAPA Instance
    • Self-service Scoring Engine
  • ADAPA on Site
  • ADAPA as a Library


  • Fraud & risk scoring
    • Financial institutions
    • Scoring bureaus
    • Online transaction processing
    • Advanced decision management
  • Sensor & device data processing
    • Rotating equipment
    • Energy
    • Biometrics
    • IP network security
  • Marketing & Sales
    • Up- / cross-sell and next-best-offer
    • Marketing campaign optimization
    • Real-time recommendations

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