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ADAPA in the Microsoft Azure Cloud gives you the predictive scoring and decision capabilities of ADAPA with the flexibility and scalability of cloud computing.


With ADAPA in the Microsoft Cloud, you benefit from the power of Zementis’ real-time PMML-based scoring engine and the trusted performance and reliability of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. This is the same engine that Zementis’ customer use on-site. The only difference is that instead of installing ADAPA on your own servers, ADAPA in the Microsoft Cloud comes pre-installed on a virtual server in the cloud. We call this an “ADAPA instance”. When an ADAPA instance is launched in the cloud, it is ready for your organization to use to support its predictive analytics needs. Your organization can deploy predictive models immediately. Your business users can score data via the ADAPA Web Console, Web Services or Microsoft Excel. Your organization can rapidly integrate predictive analytics into business decision making. You give yourself a competitive edge.


How do I pay for it?

ADAPA in the Microsoft Azure Cloud is a fully hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. You only pay for the service and the capacity that you use, thereby eliminating the need for expensive software licenses and in-house hardware resources.

Azure Pay as you goAs your business grows, ADAPA in the Microsoft Cloud provides a cost-effective expansion path. For example, you can add multiple ADAPA instances to support scalability or enable failover. The SaaS model removes the burden for you to manage scalable, on-demand computing infrastructure.

Once you sign up for ADAPA in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and launch an ADAPA instance, Zementis charges will appear on your Azure account. Microsoft handles all billing, there is no need to sign additional paperwork with Zementis. This even extends to enterprise agreements, so if your organization has an enterprise agreement with Microsoft you may already have access to ADAPA Azure.

ADAPA in the Microsoft Azure Cloud is very cost-effective and conforms to your needs, both now and as they change over time. Find the pricing details here.


What do I get?

We provide you with a single-tenant architecture. The service is implemented as a private, dedicated instance of ADAPA that encapsulates all your predictive models and solutions. Only you have access to your private ADAPA instance(s) via HTTPS. Your model files and data never share the same engine with other clients. You launch and terminate your dedicated ADAPA instances through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. You have full control.

At any given time, you can launch one or more instances. For each instance, select the most appropriate instance type.


How does ADAPA in the Microsoft Cloud work?

  • Sign up with Microsoft Azure. To start using ADAPA in the Microsoft Cloud, create an Azure Account first.
  • Launch an ADAPA Instance. Use the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to launch an ADAPA Instance (a virtual machine with ADAPA pre-installed on it) in the Microsoft Cloud. You select the type of instance according to your budget and processing needs. You only pay for running instances.
  • Deploy your predictive models. Use the ADAPA Console to deploy all your model files. Once a predictive model is uploaded into ADAPA, it is ready to be executed. The ADAPA Console also allows you to verify that your models were uploaded correctly.
  • Execute. Choose to execute your predictive models and solutions in batch-mode, on-demand, or in real-time. ADAPA publishes all predictive models as Web-Services so that these may be accessed from anywhere in the enterprise. You can also use the ADAPA Console to upload data for scoring from your local file system or Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). Alternatively, you can score your data directly in Excel by using the ADAPA add-in.


How do I get it?

ADAPA is available at the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

We are cloud computing services providers. To speak with a Zementis representative about how this solution can benefit your organization, contact us.


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