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Equifax InterConnect

InterConnect® Model Integration Tool


Equifax, a global leader in data, technology and analytics services, has teamed up with Zementis to provide a tool that allows users to quickly integrate, audit and deploy predictive models in less time. Typical model development includes a translation of the model from analytical tools, such as SAS, SPSS or R, into another language, such as Java or C++. This can introduce error-prone hand-offs, time delays, and dependencies between data analytics and IT development teams.

By combining the capabilities of the Model Integration Tool with the power of the Zementis PMML scoring engine, we are eliminating these steps and providing an easy-to-use interface designed for users to import existing PMML-based models. These include neural nets, input model specifications for logistic or linear regression scorecard models, fused score models and decision tree ensembles. Then they can be easily audited and deployed in PMML to the Zementis execution engine.

equifax-model-deployment-graphSource: Equifax

The Model Integration Tool is part of InterConnect, a cloud-based, modular decision management platform that delivers streamlined access to diverse data services, better attribute creation and deployment, easier rules management, and stronger analytics and model integration to execute insightful decision policies.

For more information, please visit the Equifax Model Integration Tool product page.

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