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ADAPA on the FICO Analytic Cloud – Big Data Analytics Applications

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FICO Analytic Cloud


Zementis and FICO have joined forces to offer the vendor-neutral deployment and execution capabilities of the Zementis PMML scoring engine as part of FICO’s advanced analytics products and decision management solutions. We invite you to explore a new, exciting FICO solution for accelerating and streamlining the deployment, execution and operational integration of predictive analytics based on the Predictive Model Markup Language standard. Now integral part of the FICO Decision Management Platform (DMP) and the FICO Analytic Cloud, the FICO Model Executor for PMML enables users to quickly operationalize predictive models from various data mining tools, including FICO Model Builder, FICO Analytic Modeler and R. Customers, application developers and FICO partners will be able to extract value and insight from their predictive models and data immediately, using PMML. This will result in quicker time-to-innovation and time-to-value from their analytics activities.

FICO® Model Executor allows data scientists and analytic application developers to deploy PMML models on the FICO® Decision Management Platform as scalable services that can be easily connected to by existing applications, or leveraged by other services such as FICO® Application Studio to develop full-featured analytically powered applications. Evolve your company with one of the best big data analytics applications.

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