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Predictive Analytics Solutions

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ADAPA in house


With ADAPA on-site, you benefit from having ADAPA installed locally, on your own premises and completely within your own control. Predictive models can easily flow from the data scientist’s desktop to internal IT professionals who can work their production magic. Once the IT team has embedded the predictive models in enterprise applications that end users recognize and routinely utilize, the power of predictive analytics solutions comes online in your organization.

Since ADAPA works with models represented in PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language), the data science team can build a model using any PMML-compliant data mining tool and deploy it in minutes, on your own servers. You retain full control of your models and data, while benefiting from the agility that open standards afford.

By choosing to license ADAPA on-site, you have access to all the great features that ADAPA offers while utilizing it within your own environment and inside your firewall. ADAPA on-site is also available for deployment in your own private cloud.

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