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How Zementis Works


What is it?

ADAPA and UPPI are software solutions for the agile deployment, integration, and execution of predictive analytics. They provide a fast, scalable and secure platform for deploying predictive models in organizations that rely on data to drive informed business decisions.

Why use it?

Zementis automates real-time scoring for a wide range of predictive models, simplifies model deployment and IT system integration and makes big data processing more rapid and cost-efficient.

Beyond the data science team, Zementis helps organizations institutionalize predictive analytics by simplifying the user experience, thereby enhancing adoption, encouraging utilization and establishing a culture of insight-driven decision making at all levels.

Our robust application architecture helps organizations scale their predictive analytics capabilities across the business and operate effectively in complex, data-rich ecosystems. Dynamic and unpredictable data environments need not pose a challenge. Instead, large data sets, real-time data, intermittent “bursts” of data and other sources of variation in the data environment serve to enrich the data picture and create the basis for more accurate predictive models.

Zementis big data predictive analytics solutions are based on open standards, which draw on the technical expertise and innovation capabilities of a vast community of data scientists, statisticians, IT professionals and others who support the infusion of quantitative techniques into sophisticated business decision making. Open standards also facilitate interoperability of predictive models across different applications and vendors, helping organizations expand both their data mining capacity and predictive modeling capabilities.

Who is it for?

Data scientists, analytic consultants, quantitative modelers, information technology professionals and business decision makers can all benefit from Zementis solutions. Zementis simplifies and accelerates the deployment of predictive models so that individuals can spend more time focusing on what the data is revealing, and less time preparing the data to reveal insights.

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