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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics will define the next generation of software. Zementis products establish a common, standards-based framework to deliver intelligent solutions across all industries and applications.

Zementis provides software solutions that enable organizations to harness the power of their data to rapidly deliver insights and support informed business decisions based on predictive analytics.


Our solutions help data science teams develop and deploy their predictive models more rapidly, simplifying and accelerating their interaction with internal IT teams so that business users can more readily incorporate big data analytics into their everyday business operations and decisions.

Zementis helps organizations reduce the cost and complexity of predictive analytics, accelerate the time-to-market for insight-driven business decisions and improve the quality of business outcomes.

Zementis empowers big data insights.


The Challenge: Deploying Models to Business Users

Decision-makers in the business need data fast. Not only must they obtain this data quickly, the data must also be accurate, and it must be accessible in a user-friendly format that facilitates rapid understanding. Business professionals must make decisions quickly, often in real-time, and their decisions carry profound consequences. There is little margin for error.

When predictive models are generating critical data for the business, there can often be a breakdown in the process that converts the data science team’s work into a form that business users can utilize. What can go wrong?

A predictive model is a complex blend of statistical methods, technology and art. The culmination of the data scientist’s work may exist in any number of forms: IBM SPSS, Perl, Python, R, SAS or others. To make the model accessible to business users, the data science team must collaborate with the organization’s IT professionals to “operationalize” the model. The IT team speaks a different technical language (e.g. C, Java, .NET, SQL) and must re-code the model to adapt it to one of these formats. The process is intensely manual and almost invariably results in a lengthy back-and-forth process of question and clarification between the data scientists and the IT team.

The result? Deployment delays, sometimes as long as 6 months. The implications for the business? Delayed insight, less accurate decisions, missed opportunities, and loss of value.


The Solution: Zementis Accelerates Business Insight

Zementis accelerates the deployment of predictive models, thereby accelerating business insight. Zementis solutions are based on PMML, the Predictive Model Markup Language, which strips away the complexity of model-to-model translation and data science-to-IT operationalization. Zementis offers two PMML-based solutions. ADAPA®, a decision engine for real-time scoring and UPPI™, a tool for big data scoring within industry-leading analytics and data warehouse platforms. When an organization uses ADAPA and UPPI, predictive models yield actionable results faster. Customer insight becomes real-time customer insight. Multiple models deliver a predicted result based on more data points, increasing accuracy of business decisions. Organizations become more agile in making business decisions.

The old approach of custom coding predictive models has no place in the big data era. Data is being generated too quickly and is changing too rapidly for manual processes to keep pace. Zementis can help. ADAPA and UPPI unleash the full power of predictive analytics, enabling organizations to crack the code of their big data assets and put that insight to work.


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