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Real Time Data Analysis Software

Zementis offers two core products that empower big data insights through predictive analytics.

ADAPA is a scoring engine (decision engine) based on industry standards for structuring predictive models. It is a stand-alone application that offers an intuitive user interface, simplifying the user experience when running predictive analytics queries.

UPPI is a product that offers the same functionality as ADAPA, but which is packaged as a plug-in tool for industry-leading analytics and data warehouse programs. As an embedded piece of functionality within these programs, UPPI integrates with the core analytics or data warehouse program, offering a seamless capability for integrating predictive analytics into other analytics workflows.


  • UPPI = “Universal PMML Plug-in”
  • ADAPA functionality packaged as a plug-in tool for industry-leading analytics and data warehouse platforms
  • Flexible, standards-based platform for deploying predictive analytics throughout the organization at scale
    • Employs the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) standard to import and deploy predictive models
    • Integrates with analytics applications that the organization already utilizes (in-database or Hadoop-based)
    • Enhances the analytics processing capabilities of incumbent analytics applications with scoring of standards-based predictive models
    • Enables rapid processing of large data sets via architecture that supports massively parallel computing
  • Intuitive tool that simplifies the user experience
    • For in-database analytics applications: embeds predictive analytics functionality directly in the database, minimizing the movement of data to accelerate processing of very large data sets
    • For Hadoop/Hive environments: makes PMML-based models available as standard user-defined functions (UDFs) for Hive, allowing users to rapidly consume and manage analytics queries
    • For Hadoop environments (via Datameer): provides familiar wizard-style and spreadsheet drop-down user interfaces, to process large sets of structured and unstructured data and generate actionable outputs


  • UPPI In-database
    • IBM PureData for Analytics
    • Pivotal Greenplum
    • SAP Sybase IQ
    • Teradata / Aster
  • UPPI for Hadoop
    • UPPI for Hadoop/Hive
      • Cloudera (CDH: Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop)
      • Hortonworks (HDP2: Hortonworks Data Platform powered by Apache Hadoop)
      • IBM PureData System for Hadoop
      • IBM Infosphere BigInsights
  • UPPI for Datameer


  • Fraud & risk scoring
    • Financial institutions
    • Scoring bureaus
    • Online transaction processing
    • Advanced decision management
  • Sensor & device data processing
    • Rotating equipment
    • Energy
    • Biometrics
    • IP network security
  • Marketing & Sales
    • Up- / cross-selland next-best-offer
    • Marketing campaign optimization
    • Real-time recommendations

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