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Datameer is a world-class, end-to-end business intelligence (BI) solution that works on top of Hadoop. It simplifies interaction with Hadoop, which it uses for both storage and compute. It is also highly extensible, integrating readily with other data warehouse or BI solutions.

Zementis and Datameer have partnered to deliver standards-based execution of predictive analytics on a massive, parallel scale. This joint solution combines the Zementis plug-in for execution of predictive models with the power and scale of Datameer.

Key features of Datameer:

  • Uses Apache Hadoop as its back-end storage and processing engine; this allows analytics processing to scale in an extremely cost-effective manner, to over 4,000 servers and petabytes of data
  • Provides wizard-based tools to integrate large sets of structured and unstructured data from multiple sources
  • Includes an integrated analytics engine, using a familiar spreadsheet-like interface
  • Includes over 200 built-in analytic functions
  • Offers dashboard visualization and drag-and-drop functionality to simplify end-user analysis and reporting
  • Utilizes open APIs for data integration, analytics and dashboarding; open APIs simplify access to custom data sources, use of advanced or custom analytics (e.g. predictive modeling), and creation of custom visualizations.

Advantages of Predictive Scoring for Hadoop

The Zementis / Datameer partnership has created a versatile deployment solution that dramatically strengthens and accelerates an organization’s ability to derive and apply insights from big data analytics.

Key advantages of UPPI for Datameer include:

  • Delivers instant and scalable scoring for big data while retaining compatibility with most major data mining tools via the PMML Standard
  • Helps organizations avoid time-consuming and expensive one-off predictive analytics projects by relying on the PMML Standard
  • Brings the scalability of Hadoop to the execution of predictive analytics
  • Integrates data from multiple data sources and formats without complex data and schema mappings that are time consuming to set up and difficult to change
  • Provides cost-effective storage and processing of large volumes of highly granular data that predictive applications often require
  • Brings together a 100% standards-based approach to analytics, reducing total cost of ownership and increasing reuse control and flexibility for orchestrating critical day-to-day business decisions

For more details about UPPI for Datameer, download the data sheet and review the video materials via the links below, or check out their blog on “How-to: Use PMML Plug-in for Predictive Modeling in Datameer”. To speak with a Zementis representative about how this solution can benefit your organization, contact us. We are your Business Intelligence Solution Providers.


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