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UPPI For Pivotal/EMC Greenplum

Universal PMML scoring for Pivotal/EMC Greenplum



Zementis® and EMC® Greenplum® (now Pivotal®) help companies easily deploy, execute and integrate scalable standards-based predictive analytics. Our joint solution combines the Zementis Universal PMML Plug-in (UPPI) for execution of predictive models with the power and scale of the EMC Greenplum Database. The result is an end-to-end solution that enhances Greenplum’s large scale analytics processing capabilities with scoring of standards-based predictive models on a massively parallel architecture. By embedding predictive analytics directly in the database, this solution minimizes the movement of data and enables the efficient in-place processing of very large data sets.

UPPI enables execution of standards-based predictive analytics directly within your Greenplum Database. Each individual server (with a dedicated, independent, high-bandwidth channel connection to local disks) houses a separate instance of UPPI that can take full advantage of these local resources. The net result is the ability to leverage the power of standards-based predictive analytics on a massive scale, right where the data resides.

UPPI for Pivotal/EMC Greenplum not only delivers high performance model execution but it does so in an easy and seamless manner. With a couple of simple steps, PMML models are distributed to all segments of the EMC Greenplum installation and are made available for execution. Each model is presented as a separate SQL function that can be used in any query.

For more details about UPPI for Pivotal/Greenplum Database, feel free to: 1) contact us; 2) download our joint WHITE PAPER; or 3) download the UPPI for Pivotal/EMC Greenplum Database Product Data Sheet.
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