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Zementis for IBM z Systems


An integrated predictive analytics deployment and scoring capability for organizations managing data and transactions with z Systems.

Mainframe computers have been with us for a very long time, but they are hardly a thing of the past. In fact, most organizations today manage critical, real-time business operations and maintain supporting data on mainframe computers.

The need to analyze data in the context of live business operations has made the role of mainframe computers even more critical, as these computing workhorses contain information that powers key operational processes. Analyzing that data is essential to driving business process efficiency, effectively managing risk, strengthening and maintaining competitive advantage and driving sustainable, profitable growth. Predictive analytics applies data science techniques to data, allowing organizations to uncover patterns and nuances that would have been difficult or impossible to discern without such techniques. Insights from predictive analytics on data allow organizations to develop informed, accurate perspectives on future outcomes and make insight-driven decisions with a high degree of confidence.

Zementis and IBM have teamed up to integrate enterprise-grade predictive analytics into the IBM z Systems z/OS data lifecycle ecosystem.

ibm-z-systemThe joint offering combines Zementis’ solution for high-speed development, deployment and operation of predictive analytics models with IBM z Systems, a family of next-generation mainframe computing platforms that help organizations reinvent enterprise IT to become digital businesses. Zementis for IBM z Systems enhances IBM’s capabilities by integrating predictive analytics directly into core business processes, delivering timely predictive insights directly to the point of maximum business impact.

What to expect:

Zementis for IBM z Systems represents a family of certified products that enable exceptionally fast operational deployment and embedded scoring functionality of predictive models in key transaction environments, including but not limited to CICS and WebSphere.

Check out the following video to learn what Zementis for z Systems can do for your data science team:


Solution Highlights:

  • Drives timely and relevant insights via in-line predictive analytics
  • Maintains the integrity of supported business processes via in-transaction processing
  • Scores thousands of data records per second, scaling with business needs to enable instant decisions
  • Improving performance and cost efficiency by reducing or eliminating movement of data off-platform to conduct analysis
  • Maximizes the value of existing IT infrastructure to drive capital efficiency
  • Enhances governance and security, not just of the data, but also of the predictive analytics
  • Broadens consistency and assures compatibility across data mining tools with PMML industry standard


Technology Benefits:

Analyze: Faster, more accurate modeling

  • Build efficiently: write model once in SPSS, R, Python, SAS
  • Deploy fast: eliminate manual process & errors via the PMML industry standard


Transact: Deliver timely predictive insights directly to the point of impact

  • Generate insights quickly: enable rapid time-to-insight from predictive analytics, integrated directly into business processes
  • Drive economic value: scalable, OpEx- & CapEx-efficient, high ROI

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