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Zementis for IBM z Systems

Adabas & Natural

Integrate AI, machine learning and predictive analytics with mainframe applications

Mainframe applications run critical business transactions for many public organizations and enterprises around the world. New business requirements demand that you analyze these high-value transactions in real-time to drive business process efficiency, identify fraud fraud. manage risk, as well as to strengthen competitive advantage for profitable growth.


Zementis Predictive Analytics for z Systems delivers  operational deployment capabilities for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning that dramatically reduce the complexity, expense and time required for enterprises to execute predictive analytics for transactional mainframe applications, such as COBOL, CICS, Natural and Adabas.


With predictive analytics, you are able to reduce fraud, provide better risk management, increase business process efficiency and build smarter solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and drive business success.


Key Benefits:

  • Drives timely and relevant insights via real-time predictive analytics
  • Maintains the integrity of supported mainframe applications and transaction processing, e.g., COBOL, CICS, Adabas & Natural
  • Scores thousands of data records per second, scaling with business needs to enable instant decisions
  • Improves performance and efficiency by intelligently integrateing mainframe event data to conduct advanced analytics
  • Maximizes the value of existing IT infrastructure to drive capital efficiency
  • Enhances governance and security, not just of the data, but also of the predictive analytics
  • Broadens consistency and assures compatibility across data mining tools with PMML industry standard



Advanced AI & Predictive  Capabilities

Supports a wide range of AI, machine learning and predictive modeling techniques, e.g., Association Rules, Decision Trees, Neural Network Models, Linear and Logistic Regression, Linear Models, Clustering Models, Scorecards, Support Vector Machines and Model Ensembles. Also includes complex pre- and post-processing.


PMML Industry Standard

Enables rapid deployment and eliminates manual, error-prone re-coding processes via the PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language) industry standard, compatible with all leading commercial and open-source data mining tools (e.g., IBM SPSS, SAS, KNIME, R, Python).


Mainframe Integration

High-speed integration of COBOL & CICS and Adabas & Natural mainframe applications in a non-invasive way, i.e., no need to change the mainframe application code or integrity.


Flexible Execution Engines

Choose the best deployment platform for the predictive analytics processing by running the Zementis decision engine on Java or Apache Spark platforms directly on z/OS mainframe or on Linux, UNIX or Windows systems.


IT Resource Efficiency

Efficiently utilizes investments in existing IT infrastructure resources, e.g., by optimizing computational performance.


Big Data Support

Ability to leverage predictive analytics and machine learning models in combination with other big data processing platforms, e.g., Hadoop / Hive, Apache Spark, Terracotta BigMemory and Apama Streaming Analytics.


Intuitive Usability

Intuitive user interface via simple Web console including model validation tests, allowing the user to verify that the model has been deployed correctly.


What to expect:

Zementis Predictive Analytics delivers flexible deployment options for advanced AI, machine learning and predictive models to empower intelligent decisions and enable smarter applications.

Zementis for IBM z Systems represents a family of certified products that enable exceptionally fast operational deployment and embedded scoring functionality of predictive models in key transaction environments, including but not limited to CICS and WebSphere.

Check out the following video to learn what Zementis for z Systems can do for your data science team:


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