Using R just got better….thanks to Zementis

Already using R?

Then you know that it offers some great benefits for performing advanced analytics!

  • Massive base of active users and developers
  • Huge collection of libraries of functions and algorithms to handle many types of analytics problems
  • Open source R license is free
  • Multiple sophisticated deployment solutions are available
  • Third-party commercial modeling tools have enterprise-grade commercial support

Not using R?

Then you should know that:

  • It is a no-cost, open source software language and environment for statistical computing and graphics
  • It operates on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS
  • R users span the globe and include data scientists, statisticians, developers, consultants, researchers / academics, and lecturers / teachers
  • It is widely accepted as one of the leading statistical packages and by many accounts, has the largest global user base

There are 2 broad ways to use R…

“Pure R”

  • Use R only for development
  • Use R for development and deployment

“Hybrid R”

  • Use R with other open source, legacy and contemporary commercial modeling tools
  • Use all concurrently for development and deployment

… and each has its challenges

  • Limited development speed and capabilities
  • R complexity inhibits rapid learning, impeding scalability
  • Business risks, technical risks, compliance challenges
  • Open source tools lack commercial technical support
  • Technical limitations
  • Workflow inefficiencies
  • Slow deployment cycle time, model performance, model throughput
  • Long development cycle times
  • High costs
  • Open source tools lack commercial technical support
  • Scalability constraints
  • Hybrid environment creates complexity and higher cost structure

Fortunately, Zementis can help!

Zementis offers enterprise-grade, platform-agnostic solutions for the agile deployment and operational enablement of predictive analytics.
  • Reduces cycle time and costs for deploying and operating predictive models in R
  • Offers extreme scalability and cost efficiency
  • Supports batch and sub-second real-time model processing
  • Eliminates the need for any re-coding, enhancing deployment speed and process efficiency
  • Blends open source innovation with enterprise-grade commercial support
  • Accelerates the business’ ability to act on predictive insights

Zementis = more efficient data science

Zementis not only functions seamlessly with R, Zementis makes the R user experience better and data science with R more efficient.

With Zementis, data scientists can develop their models in R and deploy them rapidly while avoiding errors that typically arise from coding and manual transcription.

Data scientists gain back precious time that they previously spent on deployment, allowing them to spend more time on actual data science. Predictive insights flow faster to business users who consume analytics, allowing them to make more informed, more accurate business decisions, and do so much faster. Everybody wins.

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