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Data Analysis

Big Data Predictive Analytics

The Zementis Rapid Analytics Assessment

Your data can help you see into the future, and predictive analytics hold the key for unlocking that forward-looking capability.

Imagine that you have an advanced capability to learn from historical predictive analytics. You develop decision algorithms and implement automated versions of these to make your business processes more agile. As your data warehouse grows to contain ever more data, your algorithms refine their predictive capabilities, becoming increasingly accurate and adapting to changing data patterns to retain their predictive accuracy over time. Business leaders within your organization marvel at their ability to generate tangible and accurate insights and apply this knowledge to make timely, informed decisions that drive results.

Zementis can help make that happen for your organization.

Our team of data scientists collaborates with you to quickly develop a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s data assets and capabilities, related operational processes and supporting technical environment, as well as the potential value that an optimized data strategy, operations playbook and systems architecture can deliver.

Over the course of several weeks, Zementis will assess key aspects of your big data analytics environment, such as:

  • Data inventory: How extensive is your data repository and where is data stored?
  • Accessibility: How does your organization access data, and how efficient is this?
  • Data quality: To what extent must your team modify or “clean” data before it can be used? Do your current systems populate critical data elements at all times?
  • Coverage: To what degree do your current analytical processes deliver results that accurately map to business processes and decisions?
  • Accuracy: How accurate are your predicted results, both initially and over time, after you have deployed predictive models to business users in your organization? What possible actions could improve accuracy?
  • Automation: To what degree is the process for “operationalizing” predictive models automated? What options are available to enhance automation to accelerate deployment of predictive models and model updates to business users?

As the Zementis team works through these and other topics with you, we develop an assessment that is customized to your organization. You’ll receive both strategic and tactical recommendations, spanning data strategy, operational processes and technology enablers, all reflecting your organization’s unique requirements and technological capabilities. With this assessment in hand, you’ll be much closer to the goal of seeing accurately into the future.

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