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Model Building

Big Data Business Models

“Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink”
From “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Your organization has accumulated vast amounts of data over the years, aided by an explosion in inexpensive storage capacity. It has occurred to you that you are adrift in a sea of data, and some of it is very valuable, while the rest is just… open ocean. How do you get to the key data that unlocks the valuable insights?

Translating years of data into helpful automated decisions requires a consolidated analytics approach. Doing so also requires a keen understanding of how to separate critical data from “data noise” and use the critical data to deliver insights that you can apply to drive business decisions. Predictive models can unlock the hidden value of your data if they are structured properly and draw the subset of relevant data from the larger set of data that your organization administers.

Zementis can build predictive models that optimize your data assets.

We start with an experienced team of data scientists. Our team consists of senior information technology and data science experts. All have advanced degrees and extensive experience in predictive analytics, software integration and business process optimization.

By mining your data, our scientists are able to assess its predictive power. Depending on the quality and coverage of your data, you can use it to dramatically and rapidly improve business results. Some benefits that we’ve observed:

  • Stronger revenue growth through more precisely targeted activities
  • Lower business risk by identifying and proactively reducing risk profile
  • Greater profitability by generating revenue growth with either the same or a lower cost structure

Our team will uncover data patterns hidden in the tables, rows and columns where your data lives. We will convert this data into predictive models that invalidate subjective preconceptions, affirm other hypotheses and reveal entirely new insights. We’ll also offer you recommendations about how to integrate your data models into a comprehensive data strategy.

Once we do so, we turn over the models to you, and you will be ready to start benefiting from more robust analytics that support a more consistent predictive analytics strategy.

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