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PMML Consulting

Predictive Modeling Techniques

As data scientists, you know that PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language) is the de facto industry standard to represent predictive models. You are familiar with its XML-based file format that supports statistical and data mining models and allows data sharing between PMML-compliant applications.

While most application vendors today offer support for PMML, the support that they offer can sometimes be limited or incomplete. Without this support, you may find that you are unable to complete your modeling task-at-hand or otherwise realize the full benefits of PMML.

Zementis can help you unlock the full value of PMML.

As a member of the Data Mining Group, the industry consortium that developed and maintains the PMML standard, Zementis can help you better understand PMML and extract the full value that it represents. If your organization doesn’t already use PMML, we can help you create a PMML representation of your most complex predictive models. We can also assist you in applying PMML to all of your pre-and post-processing needs for your data. We offer customized consulting services that are practical, hands-on and designed for rapid implementation.

Start reaping the benefits of open standards today. Let Zementis help you adopt, utilize and optimize PMML for your unique needs in predictive analytics.

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