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Human Resources

Technology is an enabler for human productivity. As technological advances increasingly allow individuals to accomplish more complex tasks and a larger volume of tasks with the same or relatively less effort, the shape of companies and other organizations will constantly evolve. Yet by definition, no organization can exist without people.

The human resources field relies extensively on measurement, and big data analytics is playing an increasing role in supporting that measurement and the management decisions that flow from it. Whereas most human resources organizations are oriented towards reporting and managing traditional, structured data sets, forward-thinking organizations have begun to shift towards an analytical orientation that encompasses vastly more variables, infuses unstructured data and seeks to optimize business outcomes in ways that were previously not possible. Predictive analytics plays a key role in supporting the evolution of traditional human resources towards a more holistic vision of human capital management. Zementis can help make this happen.

With ADAPA®, organizations can support their predictive analytics models that encompass multiple variables of in-house and external market data, yielding insight into the linkage between organizational needs, required skill sets, the supply of available talent, and techniques that can optimize the performance of human capital as an asset. With UPPI™ for big data scoring, human resources professionals can collaborate with data science teams to apply predictive models to everyday business decisions, whether they encompass long-term resource planning, organizational performance optimization, employee risk mitigation or other facets of human capital management. Some use cases include:

  • Optimizing the performance of departments and business functions by aligning required skills to the skills of individuals
  • Identifying and evaluating talent that represents “the right fit” in terms of skills and culture
  • Predicting and preempting (or reducing) employee churn
  • Developing and managing dynamic compensation models

With Zementis, organizations can transform their human resources function into a human capital management capability, optimizing the effectiveness of individuals, teams and the entire organization.

This is just one example of Zementis in action – unleashing the potential of human capital management.

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