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As consumers have become ever more sophisticated, marketing has increasingly become a two-way street. While it was never entirely possible to dictate to consumers what they would purchase (two key exceptions: the early days of the automobile and life in the Soviet Union), that unidirectional conversation is less possible now than it ever was before. Instead, marketing has evolved to become more of a dialogue. Social media posts are met with social media listening. Consumers can more often choose when, how and whether they are exposed to marketing messages, leading marketers to create multi-channel / multi-device campaigns and create more intriguing content to reduce the risk of being ignored. Consumers will let marketers in, but only if the marketers strike the right balance of timing, channel, message.

In this complex landscape, precision is essential. Big data analytics enables that precision, and the ability to accurately predict consumer behavior is the key to optimizing marketing efforts to drive conversion. Zementis helps marketing-savvy companies optimize outcomes.

Zementis solutions help marketing organizations bring all possible data sources on-stream, strengthening the predictive capabilities of analytical models and helping marketing professionals make more informed, more granular, more timely and more accurate decisions.

ADAPA® provides the backbone for efficient deployment of targeted campaigns and strategies in the complex and dynamic multi-channel environment.
Companies benefit from a consistent, scalable platform that supports real-time decision making about the appropriate marketing strategy for a given set of variables: demographic segment, psychographic profile, geographic market, real-time location, device type (and form factor), market offering and marketing message. UPPI™ allows companies to score vast amounts of data against one or many models and use the results to drive adynamic, multi-channel marketing strategy in its entirety.

Zementis expands the depth and accuracy of insight into customers’ likely future behavior. Not only do our solutions accelerate time-to-value and increase marketing ROI from predictive models, they also facilitate widespread utilization of predictive analytics throughout the business.

This is just one example of Zementis in action – enabling holistic and actionable customer insight across all channels.

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