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Financial Services

The financial services industry comprises a diverse mix of products and services, as well as an equally diverse set of business processes that support them. Banking can take the form of retail, commercial and investment, and each of these segments has its own distinct attributes. Insurance is an amalgam of different products and services, spanning a variety of risk profiles. Capital markets includes debt, equity and specialized derivative products, which must be valued before they can be created and traded. High-frequency trading and quantitative portfolio management represent a financial art form that seeks to identify and exploit patterns that the broader market has not discerned.

While each of these financial industry segments is distinct, all have one thing in common: the need for analytics. Predictive analytics plays a critical role in sifting through the big data sets associated with each element of the financial services world. Zementis makes that work easier, by supporting the management of multiple models, facilitating complex scenario analysis and accelerating the deployment of models from data science teams to the business teams (or machines) making critical finance decisions. Whether the task at hand is fraud detection, insurance risk pricing, marketing optimization for retail products or quantitative trading strategies, Zementis can help.

In the case of fraud and risk management, Zementis can be applied to detect, prevent and reduce the occurrence of fraudulent activity. ADAPA® helps financial institutions to detect anomalous patterns and take proactive measures to stop abuse, minimizing risk. As a predictive tool, ADAPA® also helps organizations preempt future occurrences of fraud by identifying likely sources of fraud and allowing the institution to enact preventive measures before a risk actually materializes. With UPPI™ for big data scoring, financial institutions are able to establish connections between disparate data sources and detect fraud patterns that they had not previously identified. In these ways, Zementis helps financial institutions reduce their overall risk profile, reducing costs and helping financial services professionals stay focused on delivering value for their customers.

This is just one example of Zementis in action – enhancing fraud detection and risk mitigation effectiveness for financial institutions.

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