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Electric utilities face the challenge of managing complex portfolios of power generation assets and must evaluate demand patterns, unexpected demand spikes, generation cost, environmental impact and regulatory requirements before generating a single watt of power. This is a daunting task in and of itself. After the power is generated, utilities must address multiple challenges associated with distribution to ensure that the electricity supply aligns with demand and does so reliably and consistently. Other variables further complicate the equation: equipment failures, facility security issues and the impact of weather on transmission efficacy are but a few of these factors. The vision of the smart grid seeks to serve as a solution to this immensely complex ecosystem by optimizing generation and transmission to deliver electricity efficiently and reliably, irrespective of demand and at minimum cost.

Predictive analytics can help utilities achieve the smart grid vision, and Zementis makes predictive analytics faster, more insightful and more readily absorbable by your organization.

Utilities infrastructure generates an immense volume of systems data, while connected, “smart” infrastructure generates even more such data and does so in real-time. Utilities can harness this information to make business decisions, either as part of strategic or operational planning or as automated, machine-guided decisions. With ADAPA, utilities can monitor and analyze all grid components, including smart meters and transformers, in real-time. With UPPITM for big data scoring, data and models benefit from scoring in-database or via Hadoop at a scale that was never possible historically. Together, these solutions dramatically increase utilities’ predictive capabilities, helping balance electricity generation with demand, avert outages or minimize their impact, reduce operating costs and enable new services and business models.

This is just one example of Zementis in action – helping utilities achieve the vision of the smart grid.

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