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Internet of Things (IoT)

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For the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and predictive analytics hold the key to generating business value from data. Applying predictive models to the incoming data stream from sensors and devices enables smarter solutions through intelligent, automated decisions. This forms a fundamental pattern for many IoT use cases, e.g., detecting issues, analyzing images or predictive maintenance.

Zementis ADAPA offers a framework for the on-demand execution of predictive models. ADAPA provides the capabilities to deploy and manage such models in the context of your IoT platform.

Zementis ADAPA extends your IoT platform by injecting advanced predictive models in real-time. It combines explicit logic (business rules) with implicit, data-driven knowledge (predictive models) resulting in more precise results, more comprehensive actions, in short a smarter solution.

ADAPA itself is a highly scalable decision engine based on the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) industry standard. With ADAPA, you will quickly deploy hundreds of models and apply those models on sensor data in real-time. By leveraging PMML as a vendor-neutral model representation, ADAPA enables our data science team to instantly deploy predictive models built in any of the common data mining tools, e.g., R, IBM SPSS, KNIME, Python or SAS. It decouples model development from model execution and presents maximum flexibility in data mining tools and machine learning algorithms.

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AWS IoTThe Zementis ADAPA Decision Engine is available in the AWS Marketplace and, since it resides directly in the AWS cloud, it is easy to integrate with AWS IoT. By using a Lambda function, model execution is triggered from the AWS IoT rules engine as outlined in our article “Smarter Decisions for the Internet of Things”.


Microsoft Azure IoT

Azure IoT Hub IconIt is easy to embed smarter decisions in the Azure IoT Suite by using ADAPA in the Azure Marketplace to deploy and execute predictive models. Simply launch ADAPA in Azure, upload your models and integrate through ADAPA’s web service API.


Software AG IoT

SAG IoT PlattformZementis has partnered with Software AG to enable predictive analytics as part of Software AG’s Digital Business Platform. To learn more about compelling IoT use cases, please visit Software AG’s Internet of Things micro site.

Please contact us today, if you would like to learn more about the technical details behind these examples. It would be our pleasure to help accelerate your implementation and turbo-charge your IoT application with predictive models.

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