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Predictive Maintenance

Break-fix is so 19th-century. Repairing a broken piece of hardware only after it has encountered a debilitating issue wastes valuable time and resources, while creating a purely reactive mentality within an organization. Rather than proactively seeking to prevent or minimize the occurrence of equipment and system failures, the organization finds itself looking backwards and stuck in a constant state of catch-up. This is no way to run a business.

With increasing automation comes increasing availability of data about machine performance. Hardware that has historically been “offline” is now being redesigned to provide status updates, either periodically or in real-time. “Smart infrastructure” represents the next level of sophistication in this phenomenon… machines that incorporate intelligent capabilities to constantly monitor their own functionality and the functionality of the business activities for which they are responsible. Machines are becoming intelligent agents in companies’ installed base of infrastructure. You don’t have to offer them retirement benefits… yet. Machine-to-machine interaction represents an even higher plane of sophistication, wherein machines interface with their machine peers to transact data and manage IT systems and business activities. This is the future, and it is already here.

In the era of big data analytics, a reactive orientation to maintenance is not only no longer necessary, it is also an indicator of competitive disadvantage. The competition isn’t waiting for their systems to go down… they are applying analytics to prevent that from ever happening. You should be there, too. You need to be there.

Enter Zementis. With Zementis solutions, you re-orient your organization, from people to hardware to systems, around predictive maintenance. ADAPA® helps you deploy predictive models that constantly monitor equipment and system performance, generating alerts whenever there is a likely deterioration in uptime or a degradation in performance. UPPI™ enables companies to score large data sets that their infrastructure and hardware monitoring IT systems generate against a single predictive model or multiple models. This scoring yields a statistically validated set of recommended actions that the organization can apply to make preemptive adjustments to hardware settings and/or system governance parameters.

Predictive maintenance has widespread applicability, especially for sensor-enabled equipment and systems:

  • Rotating equipment
  • Energy infrastructure
  • Biometrics devices
  • IP network security systems

Zementis helps evolve your infrastructure into an advanced state of intelligent, self-diagnostic, self-configuring and self-healing systems. By applying predictive analytics to your hardware and systems environment, you can transition from a reactive to a proactive and preemptive orientation. It is time to leave the 19th century to the historians.

This is just one example of Zementis in action – helping organizations embrace the power of predictive analytics to achieve a higher level of hardware and systems performance.

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