Bridge the gap

between your data and your machine learning models
with Zementis & IBM

Integrate predictive models directly into Spark, z/OS and Hadoop

Optimize model deployment to solve complex problems faster.

High-impact predictive insights for your business.
Served fast. Served fresh.

Predictive analytics delivers rapid business insights

With Spark, Zementis and IBM z Systems incorporate predictive analytics that scale to support dynamic analytical requirements, revealing hidden patterns and nuanced insights in large data sets.

Spark or In-line transaction for high-speed scoring

Introducing predictive analytics directly into the flow of the business process delivers fresh insights directly to the targeted point of impact in the process, with speed that drives competitive advantage.

Enable smarter decisions for your industry.


  • Maintains integrity of supported business processes via in-transaction or Spark-based processing
  • Maximizes the value of existing IT infrastructure to drive capital efficiency
  • Embraces Spark on z/OS for executing advanced machine learning models
  • Broadens consistency and assures compatibility across data mining tools with PMML industry standard

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Zementis integrates analytics and transaction processing with Spark and IBM z Systems, allowing organizations to increase customer value with every interaction. This enhances business agility, improves data governance and security, and reduces the cost and complexity of infrastructure. Find out how you can make this happen for your business.