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Webinar: Predictive Analytics: Seeing the Whole Picture

On June 18th, Caserta Concepts, Zementis and FICO hosted this Webinar on “Predictive Analytics: Seeing the Whole Picture”. You can download the slide deck by clicking on this slide:

150618 Predictive Analytics Webinar

(Webinar slide deck – File size 5.3MB)


Predictive analytics has always been about the future, and the advent of big data has made that future an increasingly dynamic place, both in terms of opportunity and risk.

The explosion in big data, the evolution of advanced analytics technologies and the continual development of new analytical methodologies have delivered a potential that never existed before: namely, a potential to mine this data on an unprecedented scale, yielding statistically significant results that can drive business decisions and other actions with a level of confidence not previously possible.

This capability can help optimize financial results, enable systems and services based on machine learning, obviate or mitigate fraud and reduce cybersecurity risks, among many other things.

To unlock the full value of big data, organizations must simultaneously take two approaches:

  • Embrace data science as a key component of an overall analytics capability
  • Incorporate real-time data wherever possible, in addition to historical data sets


Caserta Concepts, Zementis and FICO engaged in a captivating dialogue about these topics.

Caserta ConceptsJoe Caserta, Founder and CEO of Caserta Concepts, a leading Big Data and Analytics consulting firm, discussed the latest technologies and trends that are gaining traction in the market and the business value their customers are seeing from implementing big data projects.

Zementis LogoDr. Michael Zeller, CEO of predictive analytics software company Zementis, discussed the imperative of incorporating predictive analytics into an organization’s big data strategy, the benefits of a vendor-neutral approach for data science, enabling technologies that support streaming and rapid processing, as well as how Zementis and FICO collaborate to bring the power of predictive analytics to the FICO Analytic Cloud.

FICO Company LogoShalini Raghavan, Senior Director of Product Management at FICO, explored in detail FICO’s approach to deriving critical business insights from an organization’s holistic data set – both real-time data streams and historical data sets. She framed the discussion in the context of actual market use cases for engaging and growing the customer base, optimizing debt collection operations and more effectively mitigating fraud risk.


Download the Slides here (5.3 MB)

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