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Webinar: Winning with Big Data Analytics

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Winning with Big Data Analytics

Tim Miller, Engineering Manager of Advanced Analytics for Teradata, Michael Zeller, Founder and CEO of Zementis, and Joe Godfrey, CTO of Dataline, show how to rapidly find, generate and deliver value from Big Data Analytics projects.


Plogo_Teradata_nlTeradata is focused on creating economic value by leveraging the most advanced technology to unify and analyze data. This enables cross-functional teams to deliver demonstrable and powerful results. Big Data is being discussed throughout the C-Suite, across all lines of business and IT organizations. It is more important then ever to understand how to rapidly find, generate and successfully deliver value from Big Data assets and investments.


Zementis-Logo hi-resZementis provides a “write once, deploy immediately”  capability for sophisticated predictive models developed by Data Science teams for Teradata, Teradata-Aster and Hadoop environments by leveraging the PMML open industry standard (Predictive Model Markup Language). By reducing the typical time to market of predictive analytics by 98%, Zementis produces a stunning ROI while enabling Data Science teams to be 2x + more productive which leads to a material affect on profitability.


dataline_logoDataline will present how they are leveraging Teradata and Zementis to manage and deploy sophisticated predictive models against one of the largest consumer multi-dimensional databases in the world for the economic benefit of their clients — including major publishers, large financial institutions, major insurers, non-profit organizations and well-known catalogers.


Whether your company is just beginning to work with predictive analytics or has an experienced data science team this webinar will provide valuable insights on how to move predictive models into any operational Teradata environment (including Hadoop) using open industry standards while eliminating the custom coding and delays typically associated with these projects. Please join us for this exciting discussion.

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